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Unleashing Mastery: Silambam & Kalari Training as the part of Varmam Therapist Diploma from TDU

Witness the journey of empowerment as batch 3 students of the Varmam Therapist Diploma program at TDU University dive into an enriching 1-year journey! 🎓🌿

🤺 Embark on an exploration of self-defense techniques with the elegance of Silambam and the precision of Kalari martial arts. As the students embrace ancient arts, they cultivate strength, agility, and mind-body harmony.

🌟 From self-defense to holistic healing, this transformative program equips students with timeless skills for a lifetime of well-being. Let the journey of mastery and self-discovery unfold! 🥋💪 #EmpowerThroughMovement #AncientWisdomModernLearning


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