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Graduation Ceremony

Alumni Protagonists

"Discover the inspiring journeys and impactful contributions of Varmam Therapist Retreat alumni. Join our community of passionate practitioners who have experienced the transformative power of Varmam therapy. Explore success stories and stay connected with our vibrant network of skilled professionals."

12 Years Glorious VKRC Alumni


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A heartfelt thank you to all our Varmam Therapist Retreat alumni for your invaluable contributions and unwavering support.

I doubt I would have succeeded without your support.

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20220 1st batch diploma certficate issue
Sep 2022 chennai healer baskar
Oct 2022 tdu
may 2023
oct 2018 awc
sep 2018 hyderabad
May 2022 chennai healer baskar
march 19 thuraiyur
July 2019 25th batch at awc
Feb 2021 dabaspet ocean
july 2018 awc
Feb 2021 dabaspet ocean  1
feb 2020 with alumni in hyderabad
Feb 2018
different time 2
different time 1
Dec 2021 Swarnamuki ashram
aug 2019 advance course varmam
dec 2017
dec 2017 1
april 2018 awc
april 2018 mysore
apr 19 dhaka
Advance course varmam

Now a days VKRC is tirelessly working on continuous evaluation and adding  more Value Proposition to  it's program by

Alumni Networking Events

Organize exclusive networking events or gatherings specifically for our Varmam Protagonists. These events can provide opportunities for alumni to connect, share experiences, and build professional relationships.

Alumni Spotlight and Success Stories

Highlight the achievements and success stories of program alumni protagonists through testimonials, interviews, or featured articles on the website or social media platforms. Sharing the accomplishments on recognizing your hard work.

Mentorship Opportunities

Establish a mentorship program where experienced alumni protagonists can mentor newer participants or those who have recently completed the Varamm Retreat program.

Social Media Engagement

Maintain an active presence on social media platforms and create a dedicated alumni group or page. Encourage alumni protagonists to engage with the posts, share your experiences, and participate in discussions

Exclusive Content and Resources

Provide access to exclusive content and resources for program alumni protagonists. This could include updated research papers, industry insights, advanced case studies.

Referral Programs

Implement a referral program where alumni protagonists can earn incentives or rewards for referring new students to the program.

Continuous Communication and Newsletters

Stay in regular contact with alumni through newsletters, emails, or a dedicated alumni communication platform. Share updates about the program, upcoming events, relevant industry news, and opportunities for collaboration.

Collaborative Projects and Research Opportunities

Involve alumni in collaborative projects or research initiatives related to Varmam therapy. This could include participating in research studies, contributing to publications, or working together on joint projects.

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