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Sri Ramesh Babu

Sri Ramesh Babu

Founder President, Varma Kalpa Rejuvenation Center.
Director, Agasthya Wellness Center.

Founder, The Way of Life Hub.
Founder, Be In Bliss Hub.

Founder, Varmam Academy - Gurukulam for Excellence in Varmam.
Author, Varmam - An Insight into the Ancient System of Healing Vol 1 & 2.
Senior Research Associate - TDU, Bangalore.
Expert Member, Marma Chikitsa - CCRAS.

Sri Marma Vaidya Rethna Award Winner in 2016, Trivandrum.
Varma Sootchuma Chudar in 2022, Trivandrum

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Sri Ramesh Babu

Vision Spread the knowledge of varmam to bring health to all.

Research in Varmam – VKRC, Gurukulam of Varmam – Varmam Academy, Healing wing Agasthya Wellness Center, LMS – The Way of Life Hub.

- Founder Trustee of Varma Kalpa Rejuvenation Center, A Varmam Academic and Research Center, Bangalore.

- Founder, Be In Bliss Hub, Bangalore.

- Founder, The Way of Life Hub, Bangalore.
- Senior Research Associate at The University of Trans-Disciplinary Health Sciences and Technology, Bangalore.
- Member, Expert Committee of CCRAS for standardizing the protocol for Marma in Ayurveda.
- Director, Agasthya Wellness Center, Bangalore, Hosur.

- Created more than 4500+ students and Varmam Enthusiasts.
- Launched the first dedicated channel for health through Varmam, the Vaalai Traditional Health Channel to share the intense knowledge of Varmam.
- Presented interviews, programs, live shows on lifestyle, Varmam teaching, etc.
- Conducted several programs on Radio to spread the knowledge of Varmam.
- Participated and presented Varmam as a Traditional Healing System in several National conferences across the country and abroad.

- Siddha Marma Vaidya Rethna in 2016 Trivandrum.
- Varma Sootchuma Chudar in 2022, Trivandrum.

- First to publish an English Book in Varmam titled, Varmam - 
An Insight into the Ancient System of Healing Vol 1 in 2017, followed by second volume: Varmam - An Insight into the Ancient System of Healing Vol 2 in 2023.
- Pioneer to publish Varmam content as books and initiated teaching Varmam in multiple languages.
- Launched the first Varmam Magazine in English – Varma Sara Sookshumam.

Unique programs conceptualized, designed, and implemented
- Vaasi, a program to unravel the microcosm within.
- Saram, an eye-opener program to unsnarl the microcosm and the path for spirituality.
- Varmam Therapist Diploma, A first full-fledged, practice-oriented therapist program in Varmam for building career in the domain of healthcare, healing through Varmam recognized by TDU, Bangalore.
- Established the Varmam Gurukulam for imparting the knowledge of Varmam.
- First LMS (Learning Management System) platform for Varmam with free and paid courses.
- Programs to help parents and caregivers of geriatric and special kids with disorders like autism, ADHD, dementia, cerebral palsy, etc. visual corrections, neural development, etc.
- Launched the first ever Teachers Training Program to develop Varmam Teachers in multiple languages.
- First person in the Varmam fraternity across the world to train people in Varmam in several languages.


Sri Ramesh Babu - "The Varmamprenuer"

Sri Ramesh Babu, a highly skilled Varmam specialist, is dedicated to the art and science of Varmam therapy. With extensive experience and knowledge, he has become one of the most respected practitioners in the world.

Throughout his career, Sri Ramesh Babu has worked with various individuals, including athletes, performers, and those suffering from chronic pain and illness. His deep understanding of the human body and its response to Varmam therapy enables him to guide his patients towards optimal health and wellness.

Additionally, Sri Ramesh Babu is an accomplished teacher and mentor, having trained numerous students in the art of Varmam therapy. He actively contributes to research and scholarship in the field, advancing the understanding and application of Varmam. He has been a sought out guide for PhD students in the domain of Varmam.

Sri Ramesh Babu's lineage of healers with various practices instilled in him an invisible deep-rooted passion for healing, which drew him towards the ancient art of Varmam. His insatiable curiosity and unwavering determination to solve problems propelled him to delve into the depths of Varmam, initially motivated by a desire to alleviate his mother's chronic knee and joint pain. This pursuit of knowledge not only enriched his own understanding but also transformed the lives of countless individuals within the community.

Sri Ramesh Babu has devoted significant time and effort to master the art and science of 'Varmam' in Kanyakumari district, a renowned ancient center for Varmam. Under the guidance of esteemed teachers, he delved into the intricacies of Varmam therapy, observing, questioning, and learning beyond the confines of a classroom. His continuous skill enhancement reflects his commitment to excellence.

Recognizing the vast potential of Varmam, Sri Ramesh Babu embarked on a mission to illuminate its science and heritage. He established symposiums to showcase the existence and evolution of Varmam as an integral part of life on Earth.

With an ardent desire to share this knowledge, Sri Ramesh Babu has actively contributed to the development of websites and publications on Varmam research. He has played a key role in digitizing and transcribing palm leaf manuscripts, ensuring the preservation and accessibility of Varmam's ancient wisdom.

As the founder President and Trustee of Varma Kalpa Rejuvenation Center, Bangalore, Sri Ramesh Babu tirelessly works towards obtaining recognition and a patent for Varmam therapy and its origin in South India. Through Varmam therapy, he aims to alleviate physical, mental, and spiritual health challenges, empowering individuals with self-healing techniques.

Sri Ramesh Babu's endeavors extend beyond Varmam, encompassing related sciences such as pulse reading, body scanning, anatomy, physiology, Vaasi Yogam, and spirituality. His vast knowledge in these domains solidifies his role as an epitome of wisdom in the field.

Expert Group Member in Marma chikitsa of CCRAS

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