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Grab your personalized copy signed by the authors with a free shipping(India).

Only for the next 100 copies!

Dear Students and Friends.

We the authors of Varmam - An Insight into the Ancient System of Healing series, thank you all for the  support that you have  extended  to us during our Volume 1, A symposium of Varma Kannaadi 500 and Varma Bheerangi 100 and after 5 years of working, we could now present to you with our Volume 2, another symposium on 3 books this time, the Adi Varma Sootchumam - 500,  Varma Laada Sooththiram - 300 and Varma Nooleni - 200 (excluding the common Varmam locations that are already discussed in Volume I).

This is a complete color printed book, first of its kind which includes a digital copy of palm leaf manuscript of the literature, Adi Varma Sootchumam - 500.

We have considered several of your feedback and request from our previous volume, such as going in for a color print version, including much more detail about each varmam like location of  the varmam, posture of the client and the therapist, gesture used for stimulation and the actual stimulation, all with  illustration and color photos for better understanding.

Each varmam will have other names, anatomic location, map from nearby varmam, traumatology, relieving technique when a Varmam is injured as mentioned in the songs describing the varmam from the source.

A big gift for a wider audience including people involved in medical research, doctors, enthusiasts, varmam protagonists, therapists, healers and general public.

We invite you to be a part of the pre-launch bookings and grab your copy which will be dispatched from April first week. Next100 books we are releasing with free shipping through post (inside India only).

Be the first to get your copy before the offer closes.

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Why do I need this book?

This book will be your guide to understand the ancient secret traditional technique used in  healing, pain management and this will help you in any emergency as your first aid before you could access a professional support for your health problems.

How can I benefit from this book?

Self: In case of sudden and acute pain, you can refer to this book and get a primary support for your pain management.

Therapist: You can integrate your practice with varmam and can get better result for your clients.

Doctors: You can use this as temporary anesthesia or in therapy you can use this to manage pain or Vaatha,

Researcher: A symposium of 3 literary works and also carries manuscripts of one of the books for you  to refer and also use in your research.

Cost of the book covers:

  • Procuring cost of the manuscripts and its copyrights for printing,

  • Digitization of manuscripts.

  • Translation costs, since steps involve several steps like concerting the content of the manuscript to Tamil songs and then translate the songs in ancient Tamil to latest language to make it understandable. Then including transliteration and exact or almost same meaning.

  • Image copyrights.

  • Presentation and exact representing images.

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We feel truly blessed for the great opportunity given for recreating our ancestral knowledge and wisdom.  We thank everyone who supported our Volume 1 of this series and we request similar encouragement towards this new creation.

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