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Siddha Workshop on Varmam therapy by Sri Ramesh Babu, A free workshop by Swasthya Ayush and Wellness

Updated: Jul 5, 2023


In this fast-paced world of ours, it is becoming increasingly vital to look for holistic solutions to problems related to health and wellness. Varmam therapy is an ancient form of treatment that has recently seen a huge surge in popularity. Varmam therapy is an innovative and profound method that gives a way to improve one's health by combining the knowledge of Siddha medicine with the power of energy points. The Siddha Workshop on Varmam Therapy, which was directed by the illustrious Sri Ramesh Babu and took place on June 24th, 2023 in Hyderabad, was a momentous occasion. This enthralling workshop was presented as a part of the Swasthya Ayush and Wellness Expo: Health to Wealth 2023, which took place at the illustrious Hitex International Convention and Exhibition Center.

The Core Principles Behind Varmam Therapy:

The subtle manipulation of energy points called varmams is at the heart of Varmam therapy, which has its origins in the traditional Siddha medical system. These Varmams are important energy junctions that, together, form a network throughout the body. This network has an effect on the individual's physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. The audience was mesmerized by Sri Ramesh Babu's extensive knowledge and insightful practical observations regarding the therapeutic uses of Varmam treatment. He is widely regarded as a leading authority in this area. The participants dove headfirst into the core of this time-honored healing art, uncovering its power to reestablish harmony and encourage participants' own capacity for healing.

A Trip Through the Lands Unknown:

The training was a transformative experience that shed light on the mysteries and complexities of varmam treatment. Participants were expertly led through a variety of techniques, including as activating the Varmam, stimulating pressure points, and regulating energy flow, by Sri Ramesh Babu. Participants were invited to investigate their own energy centers, experience the connectivity of their mind and body, and make use of the natural healing skills that are already there inside themselves.

Sessions That Are Rich in Content, As Well As Learning Through Experience:

The workshop consisted of interactive sessions, during which participants actively engaged in practical activities and experienced the powerful impacts of varmam treatment for themselves for the first time. The participants had a profound comprehension of the therapeutic potential of varmams as a means of treating a variety of diseases, encouraging relaxation, and restoring energy as a result of their participation in these immersive experiences. An enriching learning environment was created through the combination of theory, demonstrations, and hands-on practice. This atmosphere encouraged individual development and sparked a desire for holistic well-being.

Collaborative effort and creative endeavors:

The Siddha Workshop on Varmam Therapy was held as a part of the broader Swasthya Ayush and Wellness Expo: Health to Wealth 2023. This event brought together highly regarded professionals, experts, and enthusiasts from the field of wellness all around the world. The event acted as a focal point for fostering collaboration, innovation, and inspiration, thereby paving the way for game-changing developments in the field of holistic health.


The Siddha Workshop on Varmam Therapy that was held at the Swasthya Ayush and Wellness Expo 2023 and was led by Sri Ramesh Babu was a significant landmark in the path toward achieving comprehensive well-being. The participants left the workshop more educated and inspired, as well as armed with the knowledge and tools necessary to incorporate varmam therapy into their personal and professional lives. This experience provided a look into the great wisdom of Siddha medicine and demonstrated the enormous potential of Varmam treatment in liberating the body's intrinsic healing capacities.

Let us, as we move forward, carry the transforming spirit of this workshop with us, spreading awareness of the tremendous benefits of varmam treatment and contributing to a world where holistic well-being is flourishing.



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