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You or your children of dread or anxiety about study?

Tips to Overcome Fear and Study Well: Harnessing the Power of Pancha Pakshi

Pancha Pakshi, also known as Pancha Pakshi Shastra, is an ancient system of astrology and divination originating from South India. It is based on the concept of five birds, namely Vulture, Owl, Crow, Rooster, and Peacock, representing different time periods and their associated energies. To know your pakshi and understand this sastra with simple step by step method. Register Below

Fear and anxiety can often hinder our ability to study effectively, whether we are kids preparing for exams or adults pursuing further education. In the ancient system of Pancha Pakshi, the five birds, namely Vulture, Owl, Crow, Rooster, and Peacock, represent different time periods and their associated energies. By understanding the best time and actions aligned with each bird during Sukla Paksha (bright lunar fortnight) or Krishna Paksha (dark lunar fortnight), we can overcome fear and enhance our study abilities. Let's explore five tips to unlock the potential of Pancha Pakshi and optimize our study routines..

Some of the meditation techniques at the bottom of this page may also prove useful.



During Sukla Paksha, the vulture represents the early morning period. Start your day by waking up early and dedicating the first few hours to focused study. Set goals for the day and plan your tasks accordingly. Utilize this time to tackle challenging subjects or topics that require deep concentration. The focused and grounded energy of the vulture will help you overcome fear and approach your studies with determination.


In the afternoon during Sukla Paksha, the owl's energy prevails. This is an ideal time for research, analysis, and critical thinking. Engage in activities that require logical reasoning and problem-solving. Review and revise your notes, organize information, and engage in discussions with peers or mentors. The owl's wisdom and sharp intellect will assist you in conquering fear and gaining a deeper understanding of your studies.

"Unlocking Academic Success: Embracing the Wisdom of Pancha Pakshi for Fearless Learning and Optimal Study Sessions" – Vedhan Sri


During Krishna Paksha in the late afternoon, the crow's energy comes into play. This time is suitable for interactive learning and collaborative efforts. Form study groups, engage in group discussions, and participate in practical activities or experiments. The crow's sociable nature and communication skills will help you overcome fear and enhance your learning through shared knowledge and experiences.


As the evening approaches during Krishna Paksha, the rooster's energy prevails. This time is perfect for creativity and self-expression. Engage in activities such as writing essays, composing poems, creating mind maps, or designing visual aids. Embrace the rooster's confidence and enthusiasm to overcome fear and bring a sense of joy and passion into your studies.


During the late evening of Krishna Paksha, the peacock's energy is prominent. This time is ideal for introspection, reflection, and holistic learning. Engage in meditation, mindfulness practices, or self-study sessions. Review your progress, identify areas of improvement, and set intentions for future learning. The peacock's grace and tranquility will assist you in overcoming fear and connecting with a deeper sense of purpose in your studies.

To know your pakshi and understand this sastra with simple step by step method. Register Below

The Pakchi is the source of your power.

By aligning our study routines with the energy of the five birds in Pancha Pakshi, we can overcome fear, enhance our learning abilities, and optimize our study sessions. Whether it's dedicating focused time like the vulture, sharpening our intellect like the owl, collaborating like the crow, expressing creativity like the rooster, or reflecting within like the peacock, each bird offers valuable lessons for successful studying. Embrace the wisdom of Pancha Pakshi, and watch as your fear diminishes, and your study efforts flourish. Happy studying!


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