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Mathirai is an unit. It is used to measure the force of Varma injury. The unit of force necessary to get a Varma injury or the unit of force necessary to restore one from Varma injury is called as Mathirai. It can be classified in to four. They are:

  1. Quarter Mathirai : No Problem

  2. Half Mathirai : Pain, numbness etc,.

  3. Full Mathirai : Unconscious

  4. Uchi Mathirai : Uncurable symptoms will be resulted.

The Varmam attack should be from a particular distance and this distance should be covered in one second and that force necessary is the mathirai.

The amount of force necessary to attack a Varma point to result in its full impact is the mathirai of that particular Varmam.

“ Kanuhintra thodu varmam Thonnootrarum

Kadinamai mathiraikku minchikandal

Anavamai thoduvarmam alla sonnen

Appothe padukayam entrennik kolnee”

(Odivu murivu sari - 1500)

Each Varma points are having individual Varma mathirai. If an attack exceeds the specific mathirai for the 96 - Thodu varmam, it should be treated as “Padu (varmam) Kayam” ie, serious ailment..


“Erai” is a unit that is equivalent to the Thumb Finger’s breadth. In Varma books some places it is stated as ”Arai Erai thaltha varmam Yetru kollum”.

That means, pressing the finger on those Varma places, to a depth of half Erai. When an attack is made to the Varma points depending on the unit of force the injury will be.

¼ Erai: If a Varmam injury occurs by quarter Erai force, then it will affect the bone marrow through Idakalai Nadi.

½ Erai: If the injury was of half Erai force then, it will affect the nerves through the Pinkalai Nadi.

¾ Erai: If the injury was of three quarters unit then it will affect the bones through the Chulimunai Nadi.

Full Erai: It will affect the brain through the above three Nadi (Edakalai, Pinkalai, Chulimunai).

Erai - exceeded:

If the Varmam attack exceeds full Erai, it will result in symptoms like, fever, delirium, fits, hick-ups, vomiting, unconsciousness, perspiration, thirst, etc,. The Varmam will travel through the kalais. If the Varma injury is ¼, or ½ Erai, then it is curable by treatment. If the Varmam injury is ¾ mathirai or of full Erai, it is uncurable by treatment. It may lead to death, yet, by analyzing the injury such as of type of injury, the measure of the Erai, quality, the colour of the kathir mathi, pulse rate and nervous system injuries, etc.

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