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The Liberating Whisper: Ahilya's Journey of Healing with the Power of 'RELEASE'

Embark on a captivating journey with Ahilya, as she discovers the transformative power of the word 'RELEASE' to overcome depression and find inner liberation. A tale of hope and empowerment.

Archive: Documented from our Guru Sri Ramesh Babu answering a students question.

Question: Please advise me on an easy means of RELEASE my internal anguish?

Answer: Gather 'round, ladies and gents, esteemed listeners, as I share with you a story of transformation and empowerment, all encompassed in the one word "RELEASE."

A young woman named Ahilya lived in a tranquil village situated amid rolling hills. She had the gentle heart of a breeze and the lively spirit of the wildflowers that graced the meadows. But a shadow hovered beneath her pleasant demeanor—a cloud of inner sorrow that weighed hard on her soul. It was as if a torrent of negativity had cut a road within her, leaving emotional stumbling blocks and choking ideas that drove her down the path of depression.

Ahilya came upon an old sage named Vedhan Sri while wandering around the village market one fateful day. Vedhan Sri approached Ahilya with a knowing look and softly murmured the word "RELEASE." Those seven letters held the promise of freedom, a chance to break free from the bars that shackled her heart.

Ahilya, intrigued and hopeful, decided to take the sage's advise. She retired to a peaceful grove on the outskirts of the hamlet, where a gentle stream whispered secrets to the wind. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and said the word "RELEASE." It was as if a dam within her had burst up, enabling the pent-up emotions to flow away like water flowing down a waterfall with each repetition.

As Ahilya continued to believe in the power of "RELEASE," something extraordinary began to happen. Negative ideas that had once held her hostage vanished like mist in the morning sun. Her heart got lighter with each uttering of the word, and the weight of depression lifted.

Months passed, and Ahilya's transformation was evident. Her laughter resurfaced like a lark's song, and her eyes glittered with renewed clarity. The locals were astounded by her transformation and the light that now surrounded her.

Ahilya's journey demonstrated the enormous power of the human soul. The magic word "RELEASE" had become a beacon of hope, guiding her through the maze of her emotions and leading her to a place of healing and liberty.

So, my readers, remember Ahilya's story anytime you find yourself ensnared in the web of negativity. Accept the power of "RELEASE" to clear your mind of emotional blocks and negative thoughts. Just as Ahilya recovered her light, you can start on a transformational journey driven by the power of a single word.


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