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A practical insight into depression through Varmam

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Varmam Therapy for Depression: Unlocking the Path to Healing.


Depression is a complex condition that affects millions worldwide. However, with the ancient science of Varmam therapy, we have discovered a powerful tool to address its root causes and alleviate symptoms. In this blog post, we will explore the effectiveness of Varmam in treating depression, highlighting key reasons behind its success and discussing specific Varmam locations that can aid in managing this condition. A practical insight into depression through Varmam.

Understanding the Impact of Varmam Therapy:

1. Restoring Flow and Easing Blockages:

Varmam therapy aims to restore the flow of life force energy, promoting balance and well-being. By stimulating specific Varmam locations, we can alleviate blockages that contribute to depression. These blockages may arise from factors such as loneliness, fear, unexpressed emotions, and blocked energy flow.

2. Breath Control and Emotional Balance:

Varmam therapy plays a significant role in controlling the breath, which directly affects our emotional state. Activation of the Surya naadi or Chandra naadi (nostrils) influences our behavior and emotions. To address depression, stimulating Choozhumuna, a Varmam location, initiates central breathing and aids in detaching from challenging situations.

The Healing Process and System Correction:

Depressed individuals often focus on symptom relief rather than addressing the underlying root causes. Varmam therapy goes beyond symptom correction by initiating system correction simultaneously. As Varmam locations are accurately stimulated, both symptom relief and internal system correction occur, resulting in a satisfying healing experience and visible results.

Varmam Locations for Managing Depression - Through Varmam, a practical insight into depression.

1. Kondaikolli Varmam:

Location: Tip of the head that touches a plane surface when standing straight with the head against the surface.

Stimulation: Rub horizontally using the middle three fingers.

2. Cheerum Kolli Varmam:

Location: One ottai behind the Kondai kolli varmam.

Stimulation: Rub up and down using the palm.

3. Saruthi/Surithi Varmam:

Location: 8 finger breadth sideways from Kondai Kalli.

Stimulation: Perform circular rotations using the palm.

4. Porchai Varmam:

Location: 2 FB below the Saruthi varmam.

Stimulation: Perform circular rotations using the palm.

5. Poigai Varmam:

Location: 2 lrai or 2 ½ fb above the Chevi Kuthi varmam.

Stimulation: Rub horizontally for 5-10 times using the tip of the four fingers.

6. Baala Varmam:

Location: Center of the nostril below the prominent bone.

Stimulation: Start from Thilartha Varmam, move down to Baala Varmam, and give a circular rotation.

7. Patchi Varmam:

Location: ½ irai below Nema varmam

Stimulation: Using the tip of the four fingers gently rub in horizontal direction on the twin varmam locations.

8. Kathir Kama Varmam:

Location: 2 irai below the kathir varmam

Stimulation: Keep the tip of the four fingers at the varmam location and give vertical movement for 5-10 times.

9. Sakthi Varmam:

Location: 1 irai below the Buddhi varmam

Stimulation: Keep the tip of the four fingers at the varmam location and give vertical movement for 5-10 times.

10. Doosika Varmam:

Location: On the center of the nipple

Stimulation: Give circular rotation for 5 - 10 times using the palm. Varmam stimulation with psychotherapy has given profound results in several cases of depression.

These are just a few examples of the Varmam locations that can assist in managing depression effectively. Proper stimulation of these locations, combined with psychotherapy or counseling, has yielded remarkable results in numerous cases.

Additional Factors Contributing to Success:

Varmam therapy combined with psychotherapy has shown profound results in treating depression. Several factors contribute to the success of this holistic approach:

1. Opening Up and Speaking Out:

Depressed individuals often isolate themselves, creating emotional barriers. Psychotherapy helps them open up and express their feelings, leading to a sense of release and connection.

2. Brain Stimulation and Neurotransmitter Rejuvenation:

Varmam stimulation on the scalp enhances brain secretions, rejuvenates nerves, and boosts neurotransmitters, promoting comfort and happiness. Overcoming the feeling of being unwanted requires concerted efforts from both the counselor and the patient.

3. Dietary Changes and Brain Cell Activation:

Adopting a supportive diet helps create a

positive environment for optimal brain cell functioning. Rejuvenated brain cells bring about a change in perspective, empowering individuals to deal with the root causes of depression more effectively.


Varmam therapy, in conjunction with psychotherapy, offers a holistic and effective approach to addressing depression. By stimulating specific Varmam locations, we can restore the flow of life force energy, ease blockages, and initiate system correction. Join us on this transformative journey, where ancient wisdom and modern techniques merge to pave the way for healing and inner well-being.

To learn more about the Varmam Therapist Diploma program and how it can benefit you, visit or call 9944309355.


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