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"A Moment of Eternal Wisdom in the Transient World"

Once Himanshu from Pune met a wise man named Vedhan Sri. He was amazed at Vedhan Sri's intelligence. Himanshu invited him to his big villa. After the great feast, Himanshu asked what Vedhan Sri wanted next. Vedhan Sri replied: I want to stay in this inn for one day.

Himanshu suddenly got angry. He couldn't believe Vedhan Sri referred to his magnificent bungalow as an inn. Himanshu corrected him, saying, "This is our bungalow, not an inn."

Vedhan Sri laughed and said, "No, this is indeed an inn. Many years ago, this bungalow belonged to your father... and before that, your grandfather... they all lived here for a few years and then had to leave it all behind.

You think it's yours today. True, but after some time, you will also have to give it up. So what I am saying is the truth... this is an inn itself. A place to stay only for a short time. It is said that there is no second coming on this earth.

Everyone has a mission. That is why we were born here. We must fulfill that mission divinely. We can earn money anytime. There are people who are rich even at the age of eighty. But we don't get to see those who recapture the lost past at the age of eighty. Let us find our way... the way of our mission. That's where we find happiness. That's where we find peace..."

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