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Varmam Academy is the Academic Wing of Varma Kalpa Rejuvenation Center in Bangalore.
This Academy is dedicated to embodying the secret knowledge of Ancient and Traditional healing systems like Varmam, Marma, Saram(Tantric Distance Healing), and many more. Exploring and bringing the possibilities of learning our traditional systems into day-to-day practice for the well-being of society.

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Sri Ramesh Babu

Founder Trustee of Varma Kalpa Rejuvenation Center,  
Researcher in Varmam, Saram Energy, Multidimensional Travel, Academician,  
Curriculum Designer, Content Creator, Varmam Specialist


About Us

Varmam Academy run by Varma Kalpa Rejuvenation Center registered in the year 2016 as the trust to conduct and do research on Secret Ancient and Traditional healing techniques.

Are you ready to up your sleeves and learn new techniques?
Our academy courses are based on the collection of more than 800 manuscripts on topics like Varmam, Yoga, Tantric, Mantra, Astrology, Pancha Pakshi, and Energy-Distance Healing, Spiritual Guidance, etc. Much more research is going on using these precious resources.

Our Courses

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Pancha Pakshi



Memory Deveopment Program

Memory Training Teacher Program.png


Expert Teachers

Our teachers are well experience and dedicated and deep knowledge on the subject.

Our Course Benefits


Online Community

We have a VIP Community to which you will get a membership lifetime when you register for our courses*.


Flexible Curriculum

The curriculum is designed in such a way that you can't miss your subject and have sufficient time to cover the backlog. Access to all the content available beyond your course completion for you to get revised.


“It was a great experience learning the very old and ancient secret healing with original reference from the manuscript and the best course content in all type of media to understand better and good faculty support whenever we need them.”

Subritho Basu

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