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Students Therapist Diploma, TDU University

Our upcoming Varmam Retreat
29th and 30th of June 2024
@ Bangalore

Skills in Foresight

See and influence the future before it happens.

Limited Time Offer

Day 1: Find your Pakshi and Start Connecting to it
Day 2: Pancha Pakshi - Know about yourself
Day 3: You and Your Pakshi of your Pancha bootha
Day 4: Your Pakshi Action
Day 5: How to rule with your Pakshi

Unlock Now at Just  INR 1499/-

Original Value INR 4999/-

About Us

Varmam Academy is the Academic Wing of Varma Kalpa Rejuvenation Center in Bangalore. This Academy is dedicated to embodying the secret knowledge of Ancient and Traditional healing systems like Varmam, Marma, Saram(Tantric Distance Healing), and many more. Exploring and bringing the possibilities of learning our traditional systems into day-to-day practice for the well-being of society. Varmam Therapist Diploma

TDU University

Why Choose Varmam Academy

Expert Teachers

Our teachers are well experienced and dedicated and have deep knowledge of the subject.

Online Community

We have a VIP Community to which you will get a membership lifetime when you register for our courses*.

Flexible Curriculum

The curriculum ensures subject coverage and allows ample time. Plus, access to all content beyond course completion for revision.

Meet The Team

Sri Ramesh Babu, Founder Varma Kalpa Rejuvenation Center


Sri Ramesh Babu

The wellness industry has grown rapidly in recent years, and its academic founder is a key figure in its development. Through research and education, they have helped to establish the scientific basis of wellness practices and promote their adoption in society. Their contributions have paved the way for a healthier, more balanced world.

Veni Balan, Founder Agasthya Wellness Center
Veni B Iyer

Head Academics

A wellness academic counsellor is a trained professional who helps students navigate academic challenges and promotes holistic well-being. They offer support for academic planning, study skills, time management, and stress management. They also address personal and emotional issues that may impact a student's academic performance. 

Few clicks from our sessions

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Varmam Neck Pain
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TDU Varmam Diploma Practicals
Varmam Advance Program










Amazing two days boot camp on VARMAM therapy by Aasan Ramesh Babu sir...

A Five thousand years old practice of healing technique when learnt from the right teacher gets into the abundance to serve the human community. The universe when you ask will connect you to the right people.

Most answered Questions

What is the purpose of this class? Understanding the functioning of a human body, living a healthy life, methods to keep yourself healthy and implementing the same to experience the outcomes.

What type of healing method will be used during the class? You will be learning about Varmam, a 5000 year old traditional system which is intrinsic within us, nobody taught us how to and why we do certain action, but that action gives us a comfort, makes us feel better, and at ease. This could be from any dimension of life, lifestyle, self defence, healing or spiritual practices, which together form the four pillars of life.

How long will the class last? Offline classes have a fixed schedule like 1 day courses, 2 days course and 1 year course. Online classes you can attend anytime at your own convenience once you register.

Do I need to have any previous experience with healing or meditation to take this class? No. You do not require any previous experience. The only thing required is the intention to get knowledge with no strings attached.

What kind of equipment or technology do I need to attend the class online? You can access the content on your mobile through our learning app or from the website.

Will I be able to ask questions during the class? 100% yes.The classes are in Interactive Mode only. So questions are most welcome.

Is it okay if I join the class late or leave early? If valid reasons are there, with the permission of the Core Teacher you can. Then you will have to compensate by learning from other classmates or from the teacher again.

How will I access the class materials, such as handouts or recordings? Once you register for the course, we will give you access to online material through a welcome mail which will have user email and password. Once you login you can change the password and have access to the content. You can login to the website and access it anytime anywhere. You can also install the Learner app and access data. Handouts or course content will be given in the classroom.

Is there any follow-up or support available after the class ends? Yes .. Our courses are just initiation of an everlasting journey. You will be updated about any changes that happen, new courses launched, new videos uploaded and content that have been added. You will be having access to the content for stipulated duration based on the package you have registered for.

What is the cost of the class, and how do I pay for it? Course fee will be mentioned in the flyer and marketing material for each course. Detailed information is available on our website.

Are there any discounts or special offers available? Online courses come with a discount already. Offline courses repeaters will have to pay only 50% of the actually fee. We have Referral bonuses which you can avail once you complete your course.

How do I register for the class? You can register for the course from our website. You can register with the link shared in WhatsApp. Get in touch with us through email. Leave a message on WhatsApp. Leave a message on our website chat window.

What is the class size, and will I be able to interact with the instructor and other participants? You are always free to interact with the instructor. Anytime you have questions we are always open to this. We always have class size of maximum 30, so that we can give individual attention.

Can I get a refund if I am not satisfied with the class? Your contribution is non refundable. Satisfaction is based on your understanding and we are giving direct classes to get deeper understanding. Offline courses you will not have this question at all.

How will I receive the class certificate or other proof of completion? Certificate will be issued at the end of the session.

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