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Varmam Courses

Complete Varmam Course Packages


Varmam Online


Online - All video prerecorded

Varmam Retreat Online Program.

1) What is Varmam ,

2) History of Varmam,

3) Varmam and Adangal,

4) Saram and Vaasi,

5) Measurements and Stimulations,

6) 108 Varmam Locations,

7) 56 Adangals,

8) Do's and Don'ts,

9) Protection,

10) Strokes,

11) Stimulation,

12) Activate Energy,

13) Student Eligibility,

14) Varmam Benefits and

15) Adangal Benefits

For a year, you will have access to all video and updated content for all of the modules listed above.

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2 Days Complete Practice with Varmam for ailments

Body structure Analysis
Spinal disorders
Nerve and mind problems
More than 25 types of headaches
Knee pain
Gynec issues
Sciatic pain
Digestion and elimination problems
Muscular twitching & cramps
Trigeminal Neuralgia
Facial or Bell's palsy
Urinary incontinence
Frozen shoulder (periarthritis)
Muscular and joint pain
Frozen joints
Muscular strain
Respiratory conditions
Diabetic neuropathy
Neck Pain and Neck Rigidity,
Shoulder Pain
cervical problems
Lumbar problems

Varmam Therapist Diploma

One year Varmam Therapist Diploma

  1. Fundamentals of Siddha and Ayurveda

  2. Anatomfy and Physiology

  3. Fundamentals of Varmam and Adangals

  4. Applied System of Varmam and Adangals

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