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Varmam: A 5000 years old secret and best pain management system since generations from the land of high knowledge. Never disclosed, the origin of the content or its technique in English, till this book got published.


This book introduces you to Varmam, a simple, but powerful method of attaining personal health and true happiness.
This is the right book to help readers attain a state of physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing by following the relevant Varmam with the right stimulation to live painless.

The authors describe in detail the nature of each of these Varmam locations and their benefits. Almost every disease, every Varmam and its stimulation has been covered. Traumatology, their cause and their specific treatment techniques have been discussed. The Authors strongly believe that every individual have full rights to know about this secret and this book provides you the vast view of this secret and how best it can be used in your day to day life health challenges.

This Book takes you even further along the journey to recover the from your pains (Best Pain management system).
This Varmam book is a must-read not only for those who want to get rid of pain, but also to be with best health, and for anyone who is ready to help their loved ones in their suffering, and to master the art of healing with the nature of this ancient system of Varmam/Marma.

What is Included?

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A comparative study of ancient literary works derived from manuscripts.

To provide a study and research platform on Varmam Therapy from two different and unique books derived from  manuscripts.

1) Varma Kannadi  - 500
2) Varma Beerangi - 100

The source manuscript of Varma Beerangi 100 is printed in this book which can be used for research purpose.

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  • The Varmam – An Insight into Ancient System of Healing Book includes:
    1)  Original Manuscript
    2)  108 Varmam/Marma locations
    a.  Names and its synonyms.
    b.  Location: Anatomical location and by reference to nearby Varmam.
    c.  Traumatology: What happens if any injury happens on this Varmam location.
    d.  Avathi: The time within which you can rescue anyone who is  injured on that varmam location and to prevent  from the traumatology.
    e.  Stimulation: Methods of stimulation to activate the varmam to derive its benefits and also to treat any traumatology observed.
    f.  Therapeutic Benefits: What are the common health benefits when this Varmam locations are stimulated.

This Book brings the contents for

g.  Questions from Student and Answers from the Guru.


h.  All original source data in Tamil and its transliteration in English


Dr Ashok Kumar Yadav

Very informative Book on the secret and holistic system (Varmam science), thousands of people will be benefited from this Book.

Very informative book. Many people can get benefits out of it.


Very useful book! Knowledge about Varmam presented in a simple way for a common man to understand and make use of in daily life.

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