Sri Ramesh Babu

Varmam Therapy Techniques

Veni B Iyer

Abhishek Parthak


‘Varmam’ is an ancient art and science of healing from the land which forms a present-day region of Tamil Nadu in southern India, with supposed roots in the area of Kanyakumari. It uses touch, pressure, and even a focused vision on points of the patient’s body to regulate subtle energy fields, thereby impacting the human body and its systems in certain ways, and influencing it to react in a favorable manner so as to heal holistically.

It is really a matter of great concern in today’s fast-paced world, that India, in general, has gradually lost, and severed on its own, the firm roots of many of its ancient sciences, arts, languages, and traditional practices. Though the outer world has started accepting and learning many of these today, as can be seen in the hordes of westerners thronging to learn Yoga, Ayurveda and Vipassana in Mysuru, Hrishikesh, Igatpuri, Dharamshala, etc., Indians themselves are a bit skeptical about leaning towards or learning from their past, rich heritage. The application of these practices at home, which was the norm at one point in time, has come to an almost abrupt end. It has come to a stage where ‘Varmam’, science dealing with the rejuvenation of the body, mind, and soul as a whole needs rejuvenation today.

Leading as such mechanical lives, most of us lose focus as to what it is that ultimately each one of us is looking for. Happiness, health, and satisfaction, come from the coordination between the soul, mind, and body, and finally the resultant inner peace. It is due to lack of this coordination that most of us differ vastly in speech and action, planning and implementation, the list goes on.

‘Varmam’, as a science focuses on all these three aspects, with emphasis on the path traversed by the soul, which is the source of all energy across the body. It has been proved by many studies of Aasaans, past and present that, during this journey, the soul resides for some time at certain points, using these stops as bays for energizing the body. This path is traced and used for diagnosis, treatment, and relieving people of their pain, through the science and practice of ‘Varmam’. It is to be noted however that, during the process, communication with the soul, if interrupted, creates health challenges. The main objective behind bringing out this book is to enhance the reach of the science of ‘Varmam’ as much as possible, to a larger and wider audience than at present. This would enable us to learn more about ourselves, our own bodies, minds, and souls, thereby presenting us better chances of coordination between our mind, body, and soul thereby creating harmony with nature as a whole.

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