“Secret Tantric Distance Healing Technique”


Starting on 1st April and ending on May 29th.
Every weekend Sundays 2 hours Program

By Sri Ramesh Babu

It's a secret tantric distance healing technique that was kept secret for many centuries and now it's getting revealed by our gurus through old manuscripts, teaching, and practice.


Sri Ramesh Babu

Founder Trustee of Varma Kalpa Rejuvenation Center


Research, Practice, and Train people with many different ancient secrets like Varma, Marma, Vaasi, Saaram, Pancha Pakshi, and Advance level of tantric practice.



Secret Tantric Distance Healing

We stopped this program post-Auguest 2021 because it was our first program after my Guru allowed me to teach this secret of undisclosed tantric distance healing (Saram) only to deserving people in May 2021, and we needed a lot of time to prepare our students from various countries, languages, and lifestyles to achieve the same level of attainment through this program. Now, we have reached a balanced state where nearly 60% and above of our students can practice independently. With the blessings of Balambiga and Karthigeya, I am now able to resume this information sharing, and this time I will make the programme easier to follow and practice by anyone who can devote 45 minutes every day.


About Course

The complete program duration is 8 weeks/ 2-month program. In these 8 weeks, Post 8 weeks you will have some 3 weeks of recursive group practice sessions which is optional.


Every week class you will receive a complete set of videos and its worksheet (shared with you privately) and you will be practicing and also any queries, you will be interacting with me directly one on one through WhatsApp.


Every week you will have therapy and practice guidance and after the course 3 alternative weeks, you will have group practice (This will help you heal each other amongst the group through our Saram Distance Healing). But every day you will be practicing on your own which is mandatory with the clear instructions given in the video and also in your worksheet.


What you can be capable of at the end of our program.

You can become the best distance healer by using the analysing skills imparted through the programs of the course which helps you to identify the core reason for their ailment with just their basic details and bring them into your confidence and healing just in few sessions.

You will not only heal people’s ailment, but also you will be healing their body, mind, and soul.

You will be able to do healing for their day-to-day personal problem and also.

You will realize that you will get full control over your emotions, anger, ego, and lust.

Saram distance healing will help in several aspects like finding answers to questions such as “what you want for your happy life", “want to get a better job”, “want to get married”, “want to get into the best college”, “Want to do exams well” and so on, in day-to-day personal problems of your friends and family



Who can do this course?

Anyone who are not carrying ego, anger, emotion can learn this.

I am already a energy healer, How this can help me?

This system is the parent system of every energy and distance healing which had kept secret for many centuries. This will extend or expand your capacity of healing while you use this with your skilled therapy. You will get better results and joy.

Willl the course be daily and is that like particular time we need to come Online?

This program content will be shared weekly once in the form of Video, Audio, text, and also downloadable Worksheet to help you practice that for the complete week. Since every practice needs minimum of 5 days and max of 45 days, considering this in mind this curriculum has been designed. So it's not mandatory that you should be available always on given time and date, you can access to your content and you can go through any time as per shedule.

Can I cancel the program at any time?

You can cancel the program, but you can postpone joining the next batch. Even after you join and feel you could not continue from starting can opt for the next batch at your convenience within 1 year's time, if the same course exists or a relevant course have matched.

What cound  I do with this?

You can do anything with this, self blessing, healing, health, and beyond that you can extend learning how to get wealth, have children, get married, win a chance, getting lucky, and many more.

Will the content I can go back and revice it any time?

Your course will end on the 21st week, But your content will be available to you to access for the full year for your practice and all the workbook and free materials will be your loved lifetime asset


This course if not for:

  • Anyone aged less than 18 Years

  • Those who don’t have belief in energy, chakra, Mudras, Prana, etc.

  • For those who say, I can’t practice on a regular basis (There can be a little exception when health is not good).

  • Those whose minds are bad to the bone, dig the dirt, pack a sad(always worried), let it out(Telling others secret), perverted, completely commercial oriented, having bad intentions and purpose for using this technique

  • It’s not for those who have bad anger, lust, bad emotion, and bad temperament.


Register Now

If you are interested, please drop in a message on my WhatsApp Number 9886556628 and I will be sharing much more details on this program and will guide you as to how to get registered and derive all the benefits mentioned above.

While you are thinking about registering, at the same time don't forget that someone else is deciding and so don’t lose this opportunity of being this batch and we may stop anytime if reached our max capacity.

Course Fees

Total course program is 8 weeks/ 2-month program, your donation will be as follows.

Full Package just 8,500((old fees15000) including Tax of 18%

You Pay: 8,500/-(old fees 15000)

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Saved 1,530/-(18% Tax).

You will also get 1 year access to all the videos we shared for practice.