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Varmam:Varmam points are simple and fast-acting self-treatment for many lifestyle ailments. This book gives you instructions on how to locate or locate the Varmam of each of the 108 books, also gives the time frame in which you can be treated for injuries or diseases caused by Varmam.

This will explain the

symptoms that may arise as a result of any Varmam injury.

Provide you the different name of each Varmam location as mentioned in different manuscripts

The location,

Reliving Methods,



Therapeutic Benefits of each Varmam

are all mentioned.


The step-by-step instructions on how to manage each Varmam site and the health benefits you'll reap as a result. Describes how to clear the Varmam obstacles that are at the foundation of many bodily problems.


Varmam categories include Chakra, Pancha booth, Tridosa/Constitution, and many others. For reference, this book includes Varma Beerangi 100's original manuscript.


The author of this book is a TDU University research scholar who has studied under various prominent Varmam Martial Art of Varmam Medicine teachers.


This book contains 108 Varmam Sites from each of Sri Ramesh Babu's two primary publications, Varma Beerangi and Varma Kannadi 500, and is based on Sri Ramesh Babu's 20 years of research and hands-on practice. Sri Ramesh Babu demonstrates how to manipulate this in a step-by-step process to treat more than 80 physical and emotional issues. This book will show you how to keep your health safe and improve it.

Varmam - An Insight into the Ancient System of Healing - Vol 1

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  • Hard Binded Book with 850 grams weight. Well design flow to reach and understand.

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