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Pancha Pakshi

Updated: Jan 7

Every human being desires to be happy in this life. Nobody chooses to be sad or unhappy on purpose. In truth, life is filled with more pain and grief than delight. Great intellectuals and saints have been on a mission to discover ways and means to achieve pure bliss without any trace of sorrow since the start of civilisation. After decades of inquiry and penance, they have come to the conclusion that the only way to enjoy and experience everlasting bliss is through spiritualism leading to self-realization. Ancient Tamil Siddhas are at the forefront of this effort and path. They've devised a "GOLDEN KEY" to unlock the doors of super intelligence's bosom and see this everlasting happiness face to face. In such a quest, the enigmatic PANCHAPAKSHI is one of the sciences that assist man is progressing on par and in accordance with nature and both realms at the same time, resulting in enduring happiness.


The great Tamil Siddhas found out the planetary movements, the waxing and the waning periods of the Moon due to its relative cyclic distance from the Sun and due to the radiation of these planets progressing through the ecliptic consisting of 12 apartments called SIGNS and 27 HINDU constellations evenly spread over these signs, produce a specialized elemental vibration force at each of the time situations. They also found that these elemental vibrations differentially function in 5 ways. During the periods of waxing and waning Moon cycles in 5 different gradations. When an individual is ushered into this world, the cosmic vibrations, emanations from the peculiar pattern of the NINE planets by virtue of occupation of their particular and angular position in the ecliptic make a collective imprint in the sub-conscious. They are unified with the elemental vibrations occurring in the path of the compartments of the 27 constellations in the ecliptic. The horoscope can thus define as a symbolic representation of this imprint. Bring controlled/ directed by this imprint, the individual helpless, but to live in a peculiar individual way accordingly. To identify the basic laws behind the formation of this imprint and the functional pattern of our elemental vibrations the highest ebb will be crowned with supreme success. This is the fundamental of this PANCHAPAKSHI.

Panchapakshi functions

These 5 elemental vibrations act 5 gradation of faculties for stipulated time intervals called (YAMAS) consisting of 2 hrs, 24 mints each (6 Ghatikas each) over the 5 YAMAS in the day end 5YAMAS in the night, thus spread over evenly 24 hrs. These functional patterns vary, during waxing and waning moon cycles, and also during the weekdays. These elemental vibrations of 5 gradation function in such a way that when one elemental vibration is at the highest ebb. The other 4 function proportionately in diminishing order, thus the last vibration is a dormant or a ‘death’. These 5 elemental vibrations are personified as “PAKSHIS” or “BIRDS” and the gradation of their facilities is named as 5 activities. The 5 birds are named as follows,

  • Vulture

  • Owl

  • Crow

  • Cock

  • Peacock

The 5 activities of the birds are named as follows,

  • Eating

  • Walking

  • Ruling

  • Sleeping

  • Dying

Each bird performs these 5 activities during each day and at the night over the weekdays and during waxing and waning Moon cycles during the 5 YAMAS in a day and 5 YAMAS in the night in stipulated order which are explained in the text in the proper context.

Elemental bird

A. Birth Ascendant

According to the birth time of an individual, the bird and its activity are decided just as ascendance is decided in the case of computing horoscope in astrology. This will be the individual’s birth bird. This is helpful only in determining the trend and nature of one’s life, as are analyses in the case of horoscope from rising sign in other features. The example with a record to calculating one’s birth bird has to be worked out separately. As this aspect does not form the subject matter of this book, the same will be brought out in a subsequent volume.

Birth Star

According to the birth constellation (Hindu star) and as per the phase of either waxing or waning Moon cycles, the bird is decided. Thus, groups of 5 or 6 stars beginning from Aswini, age allocated and distributed among the 5 birds in a stipulated way. When once the bird of an individual is decided according to his birth star, either in waxing or waning phase of the moon, the same will be his permanent stellar bird for both the phases of the Moon cycle. Only this bird is taken into consideration for all practical purposes in day-to-day life.


The ancient Siddhas have ascribed different significations (Karakathwas) for animate and inanimate things of the world. The significations comprise sound, light, form, place, things, number, metal, strength, color, clothing, directions, etc., allotting the significations for each of the 5 birds pertaining to the 5 elements. This will be useful in horary astrology where Elemental Astrology is applied.

Reasons for personifying elemental vibrations as birds:

Sidhas have personified the elements as birds identifying each element under which an individual ill born, or with the situation of time gaps when these elements are all functioning differentially during each time gap. Also, the birds cover all the elements. Elements being 5 in number, the birds, too are five: on the earth, in the air and in ether (Akasha) and in water and fire which transforms them in the abstract form. It is known that the nature and function of elements vary from each other. The birds which personify such elements also imbibe the major portion of the nature of that element. Hence, they are, personified as birds for practical purposes of identification and application. Moreover, unless these elements are personified, the vibrations of each of the elements, their gradations etc., cannot be individualized, named, quantified, and manipulated for each of particular time situations or conditions.

Division of time

Our ancients have always followed sexagenarian time cycles, thus the day comprising 60 ghatikas, each ghatika consisting of 60 vighatikas. In the PANCHAPAKSHI system each bird is allotted 5 main time gaps (yamas) of 6 ghatikas each of the day and similarly for the night. Ghatika is the name of the time unit in Hindus similar to hour of now a day’s use, but equivalent to only 24 mts, for each ghatika. In this way, one yama works out to 2 hrs. 24 mts. Thus, the distribution of 5 yamas will be as follows during day and night:

First Yama - 06:00 A.M. to 08:24 A.M.

Second Yama - 08:24 A.M. to 10:48 A.M.

Third Yama - 10:48 A.M. to 01:12 P.M.

Fourth Yama - 01:12 P.M. to 03:36 P.M

Fifth Yama - 03:36 P.M. to 06:00 P.M

The cycle repeats similarly for the night. It should be noted that the modern time cycle at its lower division also follows the sexagenarian time cycle since the hour consists of 60 minutes and a minute consists of 60 seconds which explains the reason behind following this sexagenarian time cycle by our ancients. It is to be noted that the beginning of the day is reckoned from sunrise to sunset to Sunrise of the following day, thus consisting of 24 hours for one day. Taking standard Sunrise as 6 A.M., the placement of time gaps or yamas are variable to the extent of difference that occurs later or earlier to 6 A.M. due to difference in Sunrise pr Sunset.

Panchapakshi and occult powers

It is well known that mental powers can be channelized and used in positive or negative ways for specific purposes by Occultists. Our ancients have formulated ways and means to employ both White and Black Magic in the field of PANCHAPAKSHI to yield definite results both in constructive and destructive ways. However, our ancients have always warned that Magic should never be employed for destructive purposes unless it happens spontaneously due to the destiny of the other beings. The PANCHAPAKSHI occultism comprises of conjuring of various forces when the elemental vibration of the bird of an individual is at the highest aimed at persons whose elemental vibrations are at a lower level. They have also formulated ways and means to employ these vibrations and other cosmic mental powers within the purview of this field which produce definite results both positively and negatively. The Scientific background of this Mantra occultism and other aspects of this feature of PANCHAPAKSHI can be well explained.

The other aspects and uses of panchapakshi

The whole world for that matter the universe is functioning due to the actions and interactions of the five elements. Everyone’s birth time or star gets the vibration force of one of the five elements. That element is the prime element that is personified as a bird. The world is functioning under the influence of these 5 birds only. When an element is at its high vibration force of Ruling or Eating, the other elements are subdued.


individuals are warned that this PANCHAPAKSHI should be used only on the constructive plane and not in the destructive side. According to the eternal law of karma, every action has an equivalent opposite reaction. Based on this cannon if PANCHAPAKSHI is used for negative ends the performer meets with the negative ends him due to repulsive reaction of a deed. Hence readers may avoid such uses of this system.

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