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Pancha Pakshi shastra
The Ancient Method Of taming the Time
“Secret within the Secret of your Life”

Analysis By Group of Expertise in Pancha Pakshi

Analysis By Group of people with Expertise in Pancha Pakshi.
A group of Pancha Pakshi Experts will analyse all of your wants and requests and build a time based action plan chart that is unique to you for a specific period of time.
We don't use any pre-developed software or calculations; instead, each chart is custom-made for you based on your requirements.
The expert committee will weigh all of the advantages and disadvantages and provide a specific and best-estimated time frame for completing your objective or achieving success in all the areas that you deserve.

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Pancha Pakshi
Thousands of years ago, Tamil Sidha saints wrote the "Pancha-pakshi Shastram" text on ancient palm leaves in Tamil.

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About Pancha Pakshi

In the cosmos, everything vibrates. We feel joyful and successful in our activities when we are in sync with it. When we are out of tune, we confront challenges and are unhappy. How can you be completely in tune with the universe? - Our ancient seers have bestowed upon us a wealth of wisdom and knowledge that we can apply in our daily lives to achieve that goal.

The "Spiritual Scientists" known as "Siddhars" in Tamil Nadu noticed the Cosmic pattern outside and were able to match it to what was going on inside us. They devised a pattern based on the rise and fall of cosmic components and studied how it influenced each individual in their own way. This pattern assisted them in connecting with the cosmic energy that was present. To determine auspicious and inauspicious hours, they used a technique known as "Panchapakshi." Pancha denotes five, while Pakshi denotes a bird. This is also called as Biorhythms of Natal Moon in English.

Usage of pancha pakshi in life

Based on the gradational differences in elemental vibrations so far explained, the PANCHAPAKSHI is used in the following ways:

A. Those which are not in One’s Control but Happen According to Destiny

a) An individual is born in this world under the vibration force of any one of the 5 elements with any one of the 5 gradations. Accordingly, if a man is born when a pakshi (Element) is at its high vibration ebb, he lives better or if he is born under its lower gradation of vibration, the life proportionately falls down to misery and difficulties. Hence, this is under the force of destiny as in a horoscope.

b) In the same way, if girls attain puberty when their bird is at its high vibration ebb, their life thereafter will be happy. This is also under the control of destiny. But the bird that should be employed here shall be the stellar birth that had been explained earlier.

c) Similarly when one falls ill the same will be light or detrimental according to the intensity of the higher gradations of elemental vibrations vice versa performed by the bird of his during the start of the illness. This also falls under the control of destiny. Here also, the bird applied will be the birth stellar bird.

B. Those which are under one’s own control If one selects a time which has the highest gradation of vibration force of his birth stellar bird being in either Eating or Ruling, if he engages in entering of various activities such as entering the new house, starting to build a new house, performing a marriage, starting a journey, to proceed to court his/her fiancé, to start any Endeavour, to accept new ventures and positions to go into war activities, to wear new clothing’s, to engage in speculations, to start to meet VIPs, to go to court for legal purposes etc., he will be crowned with great success. Such timings of the five gradations and sub gradation of vibration forces of all the 5 birds are computed into 2500 entries of 100 tables, covering both lunar cycles, which are furnished in this book with necessary explanations. Here also, the bird refers to is the stellar or birth bird of a person or persons.

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Feedback on benefits attained by Pancha Pakshi Chart Users

Sir, We followed your Pancha Pakshi taming the Time schedule provided for my Son's Education, and thanks to you and incredible Pancha Pakshi, he received his Medical seat after two years of preparation. He was constantly frightened and wanted to abandon his goal if he did not make it this time.
Ragavendra Holla - Ma

Pancha Pakshi is a great gift and confirmed prediction, we got a Pancha Pakshi Taming time chart for my son for his carrier. He did not obtain many good opportunities after finishing his engineering in E&C with a good grade, so he started working at a small electrical mobile shop. He sticks to the schedule mentioned in the chart and applies for new jobs and attends interviews as the time guided. He eventually lands a great position in San Francisco, California.
Sree Padma - Vizag

I used to the time scheduled in Pancha Pakshi for me to look for and to buy the new house, past many times I tried and many issues never allowed me to buy, but this time I got the property that everyone in my family liked. Thanks to Pancha Pakshi.
Nagesh- KR Puram, Bangalore.

I just want to try this and I got this chart and tried to use this for simple Cripto investment with full knowledge, but always did trade in the favoriable time mentioned in the Pancha Pakshi chart. I was surprised to see that almost every time my prediction was perfect and then I made something without loosing everything.

Gaurg Hyderabad

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What do you get and how to use that?

You will be receiving a Time calculation chart for the period you asked for.

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You will have complete free sessions on how to use this.

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