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Attention: Do You Want to unlock your full potential of your heallth and wellness and become a wellness coach?

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Register before 12th to avail this offer

  • Monthly Mentorship Program participation for one year from the time of registration.

  • Get access to recording of every mentorship session accessible till next session content is uploaded at an additional subscription fee of INR. 4000/- per annum.

  • Fee: INR. 8,000/-


  • Monthly Mentorship Program participation for lifetime with new upgrades every year.

  • Get access to recording of every mentorship session accessible absolutely free till next session content is uploaded.

  • Fee: INR. 29,000/-

  • Avail INR. 40,000/- worth 2 days contact class absolutely sponsored by VKRC, with a contribution for only stay and accommodation approximately Rs.3,000/-.

  • Online access to Manas Shareera Kaivalya Program 2 days practical session access for one complete year.

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Gold Membership

Lifetime membership program at one time cost.

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Bhishajyati: Manas Shareera Kaivalya
The intellect can progress towards enlightenment when the body is freed from pain.

Wellness and healing, when woven together, craft the fabric of a life lived fully and mindfully. The Manas Shareera Kaivalya Program is our heartfelt response to the universal quest for this integration—a sanctuary where therapeutic healing and wellness are delivered for a healthy living.

Wellness is more than being free from illness; it is a proactive dance of vitality. It is all about honoring the body, enriching the mind, and awakening the spirit.

Self-care is our gentlest reminder that your well-being is in your hands, and it is  a profound form of self-respect.

Healing, in its essence, is coming home to oneself. It is a return to a state of balance where every breath eases the body, and every moment soothes the soul.

Manas Shareera Kaivalya Program does not  just aim to teach; it aspires to transform. With each practice, each lesson, we're not just nurturing lasting wellness — we are igniting a revolution of healing from within, ensuring that health is not a temporary guest but a lifelong companion.

When you heal an individual, equip him with knowledge of being healthy, which will spread health to the universe enriching the quality of life of each and every individual you touch.

Program Highlights

Varmam Mastery: Your Ultimate 12-Month Journey to Holistic Wellness and Mastery of Ancient Healing Techniques
(Free learning lifetime with us)

Every Year through the 12 months,  You will be learning newer skills for constant upskilling to apply for your wellness coaching.

Month 1 Cervical Pain.png

Month 1: Cervical Pain

Address and manage cervical pain using traditional Varmam techniques.

Month 4 Sciatica of the Leg and Hands.png

Month 4: Sciatica of the Leg and Hands

Address sciatica pain affecting the legs and hands with specialized Varmam methods.

Month 9 Elbow and Wrist Pain.png

Month 9: Elbow and Wrist Pain

Strengthen and rejuvenate your elbows and wrists for optimal function.

Month 12 Ladies' Issues Related to Menstrual Cycles.png

Month 12: Ladies' Issues Related to Menstrual Cycles

Address women's health issues related to menstrual cycles using traditional Tamil science.

Month 2 Knee Pain.png

Month 2: Knee Pain

Learn methods to alleviate knee pain and improve knee joint health.

Months 5 and 6 Nerve Disorders.png

Months 5 and 6: Nerve related Disorders

Dive into the world of neural disorders and role of Varmam in their management.

Month 10 Ankle and Foot Pain.png

Month 10: Ankle and Foot Pain

Reclaim mobility and freedom from ankle and foot discomfort.

Month 3 Lower Back Pain.png

Month 3: Lower Back Pain

Explore techniques to relieve lower back pain and promote back health.

Months 7 and 8 Emotional Pain.png

Months 7 and 8: Pains due to Emotions

Explore the connection between emotional well-being and physical health.

Month 11 Pediatric Issues.png

Month 11: Pediatric Issues

Nurture the well-being of the little ones in your life. Help them develop into strong individuals of the future.

Techniques that you will learn in each topic include:

  1. Varmam preventive methods.

  2. Varmam pain management techniques.

  3. General Varmam manipulation methods.