Being to wellBeing

Self Therapies for
Preventive Health

- Through our traditional System "Ayurveda Siddha Varmam"

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This is an exclusive Session for Women.
Workshop Conducted by:

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Senthil Kumar L

 Psychology Counsellor |  Ayurveda Wellness Coach |Varmam & Ayurveda Pain Management Therapist | Belief Clearing Practitioner | Pranic Healer | Life Coach | IT Professional

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Date :  9th January 2022, Sunday

Time : 10AM to 6PM

 Venue : @ Life to Live Wellness,

Near Indiranagar, Bangalore

Course Fee :  Rs. 2500/-

(Avail Special DISCOUNT on Early Registration )

"Join us to learn and practice the techniques from our Ancient Healing Systems for your preventive health and wellbeing"

What you will learn in this online workshop:

  •  Learn Ayurveda and Varmam Fundamentals and how to leverage this knowledge for our Health and Wellbeing 

  • Understand Body and Mind Interconnection and their role in Pleasure & Pain, Illness, and also in treatments & recovery     

  •  Learn about Tridosha i.e Vata, Pitta and Kapha . Analyse and Identify your Body Type i.e “Prakruti” and Imbalance “ Vikruti”        

  •  Learn and Practice different Body and Mind Detox methods                                                            

  •  Learn and Practice Five Sense therapy

  • Learn and Practice Self Oil Bath & Massage technique to activate Key Varmam Points

  • Learn and practice key Varmam Techniques for Day-to-Day Life

  • Learn and practice special breathing and exercise techniques for Stress Management

  • Learn Varmam and Ayurveda solution for Weight Management

  • Learn about food, Diet and Taste as per body types

Bonus for Women Participants

  • Learn and Practice Ayurveda Facial Massage techniques

By the end of the session, you will know how to adopt and follow our traditional systems for your wellbeing

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