Yoga Session


If u r waiting for a life changing event.. then just get an appointment with him and discus everything with him freely... trust me you will change forever.. just take one step towards him and he'll take 99 steps towards you.. :).. for me I have changed drastically.. I have such an amazing positive mindset abt life abt my loved ones.. i gave up every hope died I thought nothing can change me now.. troubled with negative mindset I used to think of suicide as an only option, so worst was my condition.. but just sharing my problems with him was half a success.. then the schedule he gave and then the tricks and tips he gave which are sure to work. The answers he gave for my problems... nobody believes that I am still the same person who has now a very positive attitude towards Life ..don't wait for anything else.. he has solutions for all problems.. : )

24 yrs old Student

I found the solutions provided by the Mr. Senthilkumar  to be very helpful. Hello u want to overcome with OCD and depression...visit him once. All you need is to consult with him. I was on medication for depression and anxiety since last 10 years...but after consultation this is my first winter without depression. He can certainly teach you the art of living. Thank u senthil sir..

27 yr old mother

I visited a few counsellors before but their care was confined to the consultation hour but Senthil Sir's care extends beyond.. he will hand hold u to recovery.. .He gives a ray of hope when ur in a dark place. A rare to find person in today's world where everything is billed. The reason I would recommend him over anybody in Bangalore is his holistic approach towards physical n mental ailments. he is not just a psychologist but also Ayurveda ans Varma therapist.

A working women